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Crackbunny Syndrome

Watch Your Ankles

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Three women, bitten by the same plotbunny. Watch as the insanity unfolds.

Crackbunny Syndrome

Watch your ankles.


"Welcome to the Twisted World of Crackbunny Syndrome"

This project started out as a short bit of crack that one writer threw together in a feverish fit of inspiration. Unfortunately, that fever only lasted for a few hours and the drabble that resulted from it was left to languish... buried somewhere deep in her own personal webspace. Darkness slowly sucking at the tiny spark of life that never had a chance to grow.

But before the poor little bit of crack wasted away to nothing, two of the writer's dear friends (also writers), started discussing the possibilities and where this crack story could go. Strange things were suggested and many laughs (and quips) were shared.

Next thing we knew, a wonderful artist with a twisted sense of humour joined in the fray and started cranking out illustrations like a madwoman.

A vicious cycle was started.

The drabbles inspired the artist and the other writers, and the art inspired more drabbles.

Before we knew it, we had something that resembled a story. A novel-length romp of pop-culture references, absurdity, insanity and just plain crack aimlessly searching for a plot, and doing so with great amounts of glee.

It wasn't the destination that mattered. It was the trip... and we were taking the scenic route.

Then something bizarre happened along the way...

We not only uncovered a conspiracy, we also found the plot. And it's a real one.

There is humour, insanity and absurdity; along with horror, tension and tears.

Come on this little trip with us and watch the scenery. It's really quite interesting.

And if you want to see the artwork, stop by "A Short Obsession"

Other places that our work can be found:

Amber's FicWad Account

EDIT - 08/24/2006: Some updating was needed for the comm. Namely the new URL for "A Short Obsession". Now you can actually get to it!

bop fc

The background for both cbs_crackfic and c_b_s was created by yaykim and cannot be used or modified without her permission

All chapters to Balance of Power can be found in the index: HERE